Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang, a Cameroonian scholar and writer based in the USA just released a Call for Submissions of literary texts on the topic of the actual Anglophone Crisis. As she claims in her Facebook publication « to write is to remember. To write is to resist. To write is to testify. To write is to heal! » hence giving writing tracks to possible participants.
Entries, should embrace the poetry, prose, creative non-fiction and artwork genres and encorporate the themes of alienation, despair, displacement, disability, loss, imprisonment, trauma, torture, as well as courage, hope, heroism, justice, resilience, resistance, rebellion, survival, among others.
It should be noted that contributions are open to all Cameroonian writers, irrespective of their age, Gender, writing experience or ethnic origin. Contributions from non-Anglophone Cameroonian writers who want to lend their voices to bring attention to the suffering masses in that region of the world are also welcomed.
The anthology will be edited by a group of writers including Dibussi Tande, Joyce Ashuntantang and Adjani Okpu-Egbe. Actuallyt it is   the second call for submission on the ambazonian conflict; a previous call was launched last year  by Mp Mbutoh, Raoul Djimeli and Timba Bema, three young Cameroonian poets. The results of that call will soon be published by Teham éditions, and presented at the African Festival of Emerging Writers,  February 2019.
Note: Deadline : March 1st 2019
To bearingwitness@gmail.com

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